The Mystery (Epic RPG)


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Game Description

Fight, Level Up, Explore The Huge Fun World. There Is Just Plenty To Do In The Legend Of The Mystery. There Is Plenty Of Quests To Do, And Plenty Of Monsters To Fight. There Is Plenty Of Items To Obtain, And Plenty Of Places To Explore. There Is Basically Plenty Of Everything. Can You Kill The Mystery? Lets Find Out. Class Information Adventurer: All Around Class, Good At Everything. Warrior: Absorbs Alot Of Damage And Gives Alot Of The Damage Back Thief: Prefers To Kill Enemies Quickly Before They Get Hit Themselves, Plus To Cause No Distractions To Other Enemies. Hunter: Prefers To Be Agile And Fast, To Attack Enemies And If They Are Too Strong, They Can Retreat With Ease.
V 0.1
Status: In Development
Release Notes: {{{Version 2.0}}} Visit The New Christmas Village To Do New Quests And To Save Christmas
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Just Putting The Game On The List :)