Blog Archive December 2009

by Bernhard 22.12.2009 14:43
Placing mappics over mappics

We just uploaded an update which enables it to place mappics over mappics.
So it's possible to place for example foreground bottles on a table or things like that.

by Bernhard 13.12.2009 18:42
HTTP error because of URLs with dots

Unfortunately the gamemodeller portal currently has problems with DOTS in URLs.
This error produces 404 HTTP error when trying to access an url with dots as paramaters.

If you try to access games or users with . in the name you might see a HTTP error page.

Sorry for the malfunction, we are working on fixing this problem as soon as possible.

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by Bernhard 12.12.2009 13:15
NPC Conversation Quest Preconditions

There was still a bug which prevented the quest preconditions function to work.

It should be fixed now.

by Bernhard 10.12.2009 12:29
Bugfix Reset Game, Bugfix Delete Game, Bugfix Npc Conversations

Three small bugs have just been fixed.

The first one occured using the reset game method.

The second one produced errors when you tried to delete games or game versions.

The third bug occured when talking to NPCs (sometimes they didn't talk what they where exptected to talk).