Blog Archive November 2009

by Bernhard 30.11.2009 12:07
Edit Game Stats

Today we added two functions to the manage game stats in the game editor.

The first function is reset game which allows developers to reset their games.
This could be useful if a lot of changes have been made or they finished testing the game.

The second function move all players to startpoint moves all user player characters to the game startpoint. Devolopers can use this if they made a lot of map changes.

The new functions are already online and ready to use.

by Bernhard 26.11.2009 12:33
Facebook Connection

Last week we built a facebook connector to support publishing games on Facebook.
By clicking on the "publish" button the current game is shown on your facebook profile news.
Facebook users clicking those news are directly to the start game page where they can choose their game character.
That means users don't have to register on to actually play games on it.
By opening games from Facebook they start the games using their Facebook user authentication.
We have planned some more connectors for the future so that the circumstantial registration is no barrier any more.

by Bernhard 20.11.2009 13:38
Testing, Testing, Testing

The last days we spent mainly working on the portal and the language system.
Now everything is bilingual, German and English.
Unfortunately we still don't have a switch which allows you to change the language using the portal. But if you want you can try changing the language signs in the url manually. You just have to replace the language signs (de for German, en for English) in your browsers URL.

The next steps will be testing everything and maybe trying to get some users on the portal so that we see how the servers deal with some load...

by Bernhard 05.11.2009 17:17

We are currently working on the final steps to release a first stable version of the gamemodeller system.

The next points will be trying to make a nice ingame design and integrating the forum system.

Have fun..